House of Blues

in 1204 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77002

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Live in Concert
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminalswith The Jack MovesHouston, TXat House of BluesMondayAugust 29, 2016
Los Skarnales - Live in Concert
Los Skarnales Live in ConcertHouston, TXat House of BluesFridaySeptember 02, 2016
Steve Gilbert - Live in Concert
Steve Gilbert Live in ConcertHouston, TXat House of BluesSaturdaySeptember 03, 2016
Resinated - Live in Concert
Resinated Live in Concertwith Tunnel VisionHouston, TXat House of BluesMondaySeptember 05, 2016
Damien Escobar - Live in Concert
Damien Escobar Live in ConcertHouston, TXat House of BluesWednesdaySeptember 07, 2016
Watsky - Live in Concert
Watsky Live in Concertwith Daye Jack, Witt LowryHouston, TXat House of BluesThursdaySeptember 08, 2016
Richard Cheese - Live in Concert
Richard Cheese Live in Concertwith Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the M...Houston, TXat House of BluesFridaySeptember 09, 2016
Green River Ordinance - Live in Concert
Green River Ordinance Live in Concertwith The Roosevelts, Bonerama, CastroHouston, TXat House of BluesSaturdaySeptember 10, 2016
Draco Rosa - Live in Concert
Draco Rosa Live in ConcertHouston, TXat House of BluesSundaySeptember 11, 2016
Bayside - Live in Concert
Bayside Live in Concertwith The Menzingers, Sorority NoiseHouston, TXat House of BluesWednesdaySeptember 14, 2016
David Joel - Live in Concert
David Joel Live in ConcertHouston, TXat House of BluesThursdaySeptember 15, 2016
Yacht Rock Revue - Live in Concert
Yacht Rock Revue Live in Concertwith Los CoastHouston, TXat House of BluesFridaySeptember 16, 2016
Switchfoot - Live in Concert
Switchfoot Live in Concertwith Relient K, Corey KilgannonHouston, TXat House of BluesSaturdaySeptember 17, 2016
Matt Wertz - Live in Concert
Matt Wertz Live in Concertwith Leon Russell, Aaron Krause, CappaHouston, TXat House of BluesSundaySeptember 18, 2016
Boyce Avenue - Live in Concert
Boyce Avenue Live in Concertwith Nick Howard, Have Mercy, This Wild Li...Houston, TXat House of BluesWednesdaySeptember 21, 2016
Post Malone - Live in Concert
Post Malone Live in Concertwith Jazz Cartier, Larry JuneHouston, TXat House of BluesThursdaySeptember 22, 2016
Eden - Live in Concert
Eden Live in Concertwith ElohimHouston, TXat House of BluesSundaySeptember 25, 2016
The Spill Canvas - Live in Concert
The Spill Canvas Live in Concertwith Charlie PuthHouston, TXat House of BluesThursdaySeptember 29, 2016
Gojira - Live in Concert
Gojira Live in Concertwith TesseracTHouston, TXat House of BluesFridaySeptember 30, 2016
NF - Live in Concert
NF Live in ConcertHouston, TXat House of BluesSaturdayOctober 01, 2016
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