Beachland Ballroom

in 15711 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110

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Silencio - Live in Concert
Silencio Live in ConcertCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomSaturdayMay 23, 2015
Modern Baseball - Live in Concert
Modern Baseball Live in Concertwith The Clique, Spraynard, Sorority Noise...Cleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomSundayMay 24, 2015
Lake Street Dive - Live in Concert
Lake Street Dive Live in Concertwith CongressCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomTuesdayMay 26, 2015
Whitehorse - Live in Concert
Whitehorse Live in Concertwith Lindy VopnfjordCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomWednesdayMay 27, 2015
New Riders of the Purple Sage - Live in Concert
New Riders of the Purple Sagewith Syrup, River WhylessCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomThursdayMay 28, 2015
Jason Patrick Meyers - Live in Concert
Jason Patrick Meyers Live in Concertwith OldboyCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomFridayMay 29, 2015
Kill The Hippies - Live in Concert
Kill The Hippies Live in ConcertCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomSaturdayMay 30, 2015
Fruition - Live in Concert
Fruition Live in Concertwith Kill the HippiesCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomSundayMay 31, 2015
Haunted Summer - Live in Concert
Haunted Summer Live in ConcertCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomMondayJune 01, 2015
Hurray For The Riff Raff - Live in Concert
Hurray For The Riff RaffCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomTuesdayJune 02, 2015
Robbie Fulks - Live in Concert
Robbie Fulks Live in Concertwith Redd VolkaertCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomThursdayJune 04, 2015
Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers - Live in Concert
Shilpa Ray & Her Happy HookersCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomFridayJune 05, 2015
Cornmeal - Live in Concert
Cornmeal Live in Concertwith Teddy Boys, JivvidenCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomSaturdayJune 06, 2015
Elizabeth Cook - Live in Concert
Elizabeth Cook Live in Concertwith Reed Foehl, The World/Inferno Friends...Cleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomSundayJune 07, 2015
Wire - Live in Concert
Wire Live in Concertwith Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Jul...Cleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomMondayJune 08, 2015
Girlschool - Live in Concert
Girlschool Live in Concertwith Nathan Bell, Crucified Barbara, Nate ...Cleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomTuesdayJune 09, 2015
The Movement - Live in Concert
The Movement Live in Concertwith Ozric Tentacles, Broccoli Samurai, Wa...Cleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomWednesdayJune 10, 2015
Hackensaw Boys - Live in Concert
Hackensaw Boys Live in ConcertCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomThursdayJune 11, 2015
The Sonics - Live in Concert
The Sonics Live in Concertwith Broke By MondayCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomFridayJune 12, 2015
Timothy Bloom - Live in Concert
Timothy Bloom Live in Concertwith Brent KirbyCleveland, OHat Beachland BallroomSaturdayJune 13, 2015
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