in 1154 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Leroy Smart - Live in Concert
Leroy Smart Live in Concertwith Soul Syndicate, Rainbow Jackson, Trip...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexWednesdayJanuary 28, 2015
Body/Head - Live in Concert
Body/Head Live in Concertwith The Haden TripletsLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdayJanuary 29, 2015
The Hood Internet - Live in Concert
The Hood Internet Live in Concertwith Beacon, Netherfriends, Lord RAJA, Dea...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridayJanuary 30, 2015
The Controllers - Live in Concert
The Controllers Live in Concertwith The MormonsLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSundayFebruary 01, 2015
Northern American - Live in Concert
Northern American Live in Concertwith Avid Dancer, Los Angeles Police Depar...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondayFebruary 02, 2015
Bass Drum Of Death - Live in Concert
Bass Drum Of Death Live in Concertwith Beach PartyLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdayFebruary 03, 2015
You Blew It! - Live in Concert
You Blew It! Live in Concertwith Tiny Moving Parts, Rozwell KidLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexWednesdayFebruary 04, 2015
Dengue Fever - Live in Concert
Dengue Fever Live in Concertwith Wild Pack of Canaries, Phoebe Bridger...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdayFebruary 05, 2015
A-Trak - Live in Concert
A-Trak Live in Concertwith Body Language, Com Truise, Hodgy BeatsLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridayFebruary 06, 2015
So Many Wizards - Live in Concert
So Many Wizards Live in Concertwith Bloody Death SkullLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSaturdayFebruary 07, 2015
Heavenly Beat - Live in Concert
Heavenly Beat Live in Concertwith XO, The Bilinda ButchersLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSundayFebruary 08, 2015
Caroline Smith & The Good Night ... - Live in Concert
Caroline Smith & The Good Night ...with Caroline Smith, Tapioca and The Flea,...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondayFebruary 09, 2015
Tiny Ruins - Live in Concert
Tiny Ruins Live in Concertwith Alana Amram, Goldstar, Death Valley G...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdayFebruary 10, 2015
The Lions - Live in Concert
The Lions Live in Concertwith The Mighty Diamonds, WEEDLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexWednesdayFebruary 11, 2015
Jessica Lea Mayfield - Live in Concert
Jessica Lea Mayfield Live in Concertwith Mimicking Birds, Big HarpLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdayFebruary 12, 2015
The Frights - Live in Concert
The Frights Live in Concertwith Cherry Glazerr, L.A. WitchLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridayFebruary 13, 2015
Kinky - Live in Concert
Kinky Live in ConcertLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSaturdayFebruary 14, 2015
Captions - Live in Concert
Captions Live in Concertwith Kera & The Lesbians, Avid DancerLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondayFebruary 16, 2015
The Parlor Mob - Live in Concert
The Parlor Mob Live in Concertwith GodsLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdayFebruary 17, 2015
Scott H. Biram - Live in Concert
Scott H. Biram Live in Concertwith Jesse Dayton, ChronixxLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexWednesdayFebruary 18, 2015
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