in 1154 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Flashlights - Live in Concert
Flashlights Live in Concertwith Open Mike Eagle, Total Slacker, Paws,...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexSaturdaySeptember 20, 2014
Sarah - Live in Concert
Sarah Live in Concertwith Haymaker, Mahogany, Eric AndreLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSundaySeptember 21, 2014
Soft Swells - Live in Concert
Soft Swells Live in Concertwith Castro, Fenech-SolerLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondaySeptember 22, 2014
Lia Ices - Live in Concert
Lia Ices Live in Concertwith Prism TatsLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdaySeptember 23, 2014
Yellow Man - Live in Concert
Yellow Man Live in Concertwith Rival Consoles, Peter Broderick, Dub ...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexWednesdaySeptember 24, 2014
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Live in Concert
Slim Cessna's Auto Clubwith Deniro Farrar, Denzel CurryLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdaySeptember 25, 2014
Jeff The Brotherhood - Live in Concert
Jeff The Brotherhood Live in Concertwith The Mantles, The Aislers Set, Colleen...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridaySeptember 26, 2014
Snowmine - Live in Concert
Snowmine Live in Concertwith Merchandise, Lower, Nightbox, Pure Gr...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexSaturdaySeptember 27, 2014
Dan Janisch - Live in Concert
Dan Janisch Live in Concertwith Brian Whelan, Phoebe BridgersLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSundaySeptember 28, 2014
Motopony - Live in Concert
Motopony Live in Concertwith Soft Swells, Fenech-SolerLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondaySeptember 29, 2014
Wand - Live in Concert
Wand Live in Concertwith La Luz, Death Valley GirlsLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdaySeptember 30, 2014
Tory Lanez - Live in Concert
Tory Lanez Live in ConcertLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdayOctober 02, 2014
K.Flay - Live in Concert
K.Flay Live in Concertwith NIGHT RIOTSLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridayOctober 03, 2014
The Roses - Live in Concert
The Roses Live in Concertwith Slow ClubLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSaturdayOctober 04, 2014
Heaven - Live in Concert
Heaven Live in Concertwith Terry Malts, Mainland, The Shivas, Li...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexSundayOctober 05, 2014
Bouquet - Live in Concert
Bouquet Live in ConcertLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondayOctober 06, 2014
The Drowners - Live in Concert
The Drowners Live in Concertwith BullyLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdayOctober 07, 2014
The Operators - Live in Concert
The Operators Live in Concertwith Woman's HourLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdayOctober 09, 2014
Thurston Moore - Live in Concert
Thurston Moore Live in Concertwith Sebadoh, Froth, Mr. Elevator & The Br...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridayOctober 10, 2014
BADBADNOTGOOD - Live in Concert
BADBADNOTGOOD Live in ConcertLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSaturdayOctober 11, 2014
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