in 1154 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Dios - Live in Concert
Dios Live in Concertwith Colleen Green, So Many Wizards, Mr. E...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexSundayApril 20, 2014
Babies On Acid - Live in Concert
Babies On Acid Live in Concertwith Cherry Glazerr, Mystic Braves, CornersLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondayApril 21, 2014
Men - Live in Concert
Men Live in Concertwith Gun Outfit, Tove LoLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdayApril 22, 2014
Dangers - Live in Concert
Dangers Live in Concertwith Dub ClubLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexWednesdayApril 23, 2014
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Live in Concert
The Dillinger Escape Planwith Shining, Trash Talk, Night Beats, The...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdayApril 24, 2014
Hurray For The Riff Raff - Live in Concert
Hurray For The Riff Raffwith Kiki Pau, Raw Geronimo, Clear Plastic...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridayApril 25, 2014
The Underachievers - Live in Concert
The Underachievers Live in Concertwith Dillon Cooper, Denzel CurryLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSaturdayApril 26, 2014
White Magic - Live in Concert
White Magic Live in Concertwith Paul Chesne, Paul Inman's Delivery, F...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexSundayApril 27, 2014
Jeffertitti's Nile - Live in Concert
Jeffertitti's Nilewith Mystic BravesLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondayApril 28, 2014
Breton - Live in Concert
Breton Live in Concertwith Kid Karate, Evan MellowsLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdayApril 29, 2014
Dub Club - Live in Concert
Dub Club Live in ConcertLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexWednesdayApril 30, 2014
Tokyo Police Club - Live in Concert
Tokyo Police Club Live in Concertwith Nausea, Said The Whale, Iron Lung, Ge...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdayMay 01, 2014
Darkstar - Live in Concert
Darkstar Live in Concertwith Esta, Andres, starRo, pattenLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridayMay 02, 2014
White Fang - Live in Concert
White Fang Live in Concertwith Criminal HygieneLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexSaturdayMay 03, 2014
Palenke Soultribe - Live in Concert
Palenke Soultribe Live in Concertwith The Far West, Skapeche Mode, El Conju...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexSundayMay 04, 2014
El Vez - Live in Concert
El Vez Live in Concertwith The Mercy Beat, Soft Swells, In The V...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexMondayMay 05, 2014
Dead Sara - Live in Concert
Dead Sara Live in Concertwith Vanaprasta, The Vim DictaLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexTuesdayMay 06, 2014
Acid Mothers Temple - Live in Concert
Acid Mothers Temple Live in Concertwith Perhaps, Dub ClubLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexWednesdayMay 07, 2014
La Sera - Live in Concert
La Sera Live in Concertwith MarchFourth Marching BandLos Angeles, CAat EchoplexThursdayMay 08, 2014
Big Freedia - Live in Concert
Big Freedia Live in Concertwith Hungry Ghost, Hi Fashion, Survival Kn...Los Angeles, CAat EchoplexFridayMay 09, 2014
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