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Concert Events and Live Music in Charlotte North Carolina

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Atom Age - Live in Concert
Atom Age Live in Concertwith Biggy Stardust and his Wretched Hive,...Charlotte, NCat the milestoneWednesdayApril 16, 2014
Behemoth - Live in Concert
Behemoth Live in Concertwith Inquisition, Goatwhore, 1349, Black C...Charlotte, NCat The CasbahWednesdayApril 16, 2014
Ranch Ghost - Live in Concert
Ranch Ghost Live in ConcertCharlotte, NCat Snug HarborWednesdayApril 16, 2014
Kid Ink - Live in Concert
Kid Ink Live in Concertwith King Los, Bizzy CrookCharlotte, NCat Uptown Amphitheatre at The Music FactoryWednesdayApril 16, 2014
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Live in Concert
The Dirty Dozen Brass BandCharlotte, NCat Visulite TheatreWednesdayApril 16, 2014
Wildchild - Live in Concert
Wildchild Live in Concertwith Dead Soldiers, The Memphis DawlsCharlotte, NCat The Evening MuseWednesdayApril 16, 2014
The Brothers Comatose - Live in Concert
The Brothers Comatose Live in ConcertCharlotte, NCat Double Door InnThursdayApril 17, 2014
Thomas Wynn & The Believers - Live in Concert
Thomas Wynn & The Believerswith Blair Crimmins and The HookersCharlotte, NCat The Evening MuseThursdayApril 17, 2014
Griz - Live in Concert
Griz Live in Concertwith Late Night Radio, Michal MenertCharlotte, NCat The Chop ShopThursdayApril 17, 2014
Cash Cash - Live in Concert
Cash Cash Live in Concertwith Made In AmericaCharlotte, NCat Amos' SouthendThursdayApril 17, 2014
Eric Hutchinson - Live in Concert
Eric Hutchinson Live in Concertwith Saints of ValoryCharlotte, NCat Visulite TheatreThursdayApril 17, 2014
Awake at Last - Live in Concert
Awake at Last Live in ConcertCharlotte, NCat the milestoneThursdayApril 17, 2014
NIHM - Live in Concert
NIHM Live in ConcertCharlotte, NCat The CasbahFridayApril 18, 2014
L.A. Guns - Live in Concert
L.A. Guns Live in Concertwith 21st Century GoliathCharlotte, NCat Amos' SouthendFridayApril 18, 2014
Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band - Live in Concert
Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Bandwith Tauk, DopapodCharlotte, NCat The Chop ShopFridayApril 18, 2014
The Movement - Live in Concert
The Movement Live in Concertwith Fear Nuttin BandCharlotte, NCat Visulite TheatreFridayApril 18, 2014
Karmin - Live in Concert
Karmin Live in Concertwith Bonnie McKeeCharlotte, NCat Uptown Amphitheatre at The Music FactoryFridayApril 18, 2014
Spoken Nerd - Live in Concert
Spoken Nerd Live in ConcertCharlotte, NCat the milestoneFridayApril 18, 2014
Patrick Park - Live in Concert
Patrick Park Live in Concertwith Chris TrapperCharlotte, NCat The Evening MuseFridayApril 18, 2014
Young and in the Way - Live in Concert
Young and in the Way Live in Concertwith Vulture, Black PopeCharlotte, NCat Neighborhood TheatreFridayApril 18, 2014
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