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Boondox - Live in Concert
Boondox Live in Concertwith AMB, ABK, SoMo, Francesco YatesDetroit, MIat St. Andrew's HallFridayOctober 31, 2014
Insane Clown Posse - Live in Concert
Insane Clown Posse Live in Concertwith Mushroomhead, Mad Child, Jellyroll, D...Detroit, MIat The Fillmore DetroitFridayOctober 31, 2014
Downtown Brown - Live in Concert
Downtown Brown Live in Concertwith What Army, Fatt FatherDetroit, MIat Majestic CafeFridayOctober 31, 2014
Eliza Neals - Live in Concert
Eliza Neals Live in ConcertDetroit, MIat Lager HouseFridayOctober 31, 2014
Frankie Ballard - Live in Concert
Frankie Ballard Live in Concertwith A Thousand HorsesDetroit, MIat The Fillmore DetroitSaturdayNovember 01, 2014
The Reign Of Kindo - Live in Concert
The Reign Of Kindo Live in Concertwith Matthew Santos, Pulp CultureDetroit, MIat Lager HouseSaturdayNovember 01, 2014
Sick of It All - Live in Concert
Sick of It All Live in Concertwith Negative Approach, FreedomDetroit, MIat Majestic CafeSaturdayNovember 01, 2014
Bassnectar - Live in Concert
Bassnectar Live in Concertwith Kill Paris, Son of KickDetroit, MIat Masonic TempleSaturdayNovember 01, 2014
St. Paul And The Broken Bones - Live in Concert
St. Paul And The Broken Boneswith Jessica Hernandez & the DeltasDetroit, MIat St. Andrew's HallSaturdayNovember 01, 2014
Blonde Redhead - Live in Concert
Blonde Redhead Live in Concertwith Luke TempleDetroit, MIat Majestic CafeSundayNovember 02, 2014
Jack's Mannequin - Live in Concert
Jack's Mannequin Live in Concertwith Hunter Hunted, Junior Prom, Andrew Mc...Detroit, MIat St. Andrew's HallSundayNovember 02, 2014
Primus - Live in Concert
Primus Live in ConcertDetroit, MIat The Fillmore DetroitMondayNovember 03, 2014
Allo Darlin' - Live in Concert
Allo Darlin' Live in ConcertDetroit, MIat Lager HouseMondayNovember 03, 2014
Anberlin - Live in Concert
Anberlin Live in Concertwith Greek FireDetroit, MIat St. Andrew's HallMondayNovember 03, 2014
TheLights - Live in Concert
TheLights Live in Concertwith Rush MidnightDetroit, MIat St. Andrew's HallTuesdayNovember 04, 2014
The 1975 - Live in Concert
The 1975 Live in Concertwith Young Rising Sons, CruisrDetroit, MIat The Fillmore DetroitTuesdayNovember 04, 2014
Jake Miller - Live in Concert
Jake Miller Live in Concertwith Colette Carr, Bean, Becky G, Alex AngeloDetroit, MIat St. Andrew's HallWednesdayNovember 05, 2014
Cashmere Cat - Live in Concert
Cashmere Cat Live in ConcertDetroit, MIat Majestic CafeWednesdayNovember 05, 2014
Twisted Insane - Live in Concert
Twisted Insane Live in ConcertDetroit, MIat I-rock Night ClubThursdayNovember 06, 2014
Lecrae - Live in Concert
Lecrae Live in Concertwith Andy MineoDetroit, MIat The Fillmore DetroitThursdayNovember 06, 2014
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