Skillet (on tour)

Skillet (on tour)

Christian (change genre)

Artist: Skillet  
Genre: Christian
Next Show On: Friday May, 19, 2017
Schedule: 19 upcoming shows; 591 past shows
Recent Albums:
  • Unleashed
  • Rise (Deluxe)
  • Rise (Super Deluxe) [+video]
  • Rise (Deluxe Version)
  • Not Gonna Die
Artist Bio
"Skillet" is a Christian Rock band originally from Tennessee that formed in 1996. The band consists of John Cooper (lead vocalist, bassist), Korey Cooper (guitarist, keyboardist, backing vocalist), Ben Kasica (guitarist), and Jen Ledger (drummer). Skillet has released seven studio albums, and has received Grammy nominations for two of these, "Collide" and "Comatose" (2006). Over the past 12 years, Skillet has spanned many different genres, including Alternative, Industrial rock, and Hard rock.

==Band History==
===Early years (1996-1999)===
Skillet formed as a band in 1996 with two members: John Cooper, former bassist and vocalist for Seraph, and Ken Steorts, the guitarist for Urgent Cry. Befriending through touring together, they released a split EP with both bands contributing four songs each. Urgent Cry and Seraph disbanded soon after, and John and Ken's pastor encouraged them to start their own band. Coming from different styles of rock music, the two decided to name the band Skillet, since it was like "throwing it all in a Skillet, and see what you come up with".. Soon after, Trey McClurkin joined the band as a temporary drummer. Skillet had only been together for one month before they received interest from the major Christian record label ForeFront Records. In late 1996, they released a self-titled debut, "Skillet". The album did well and the trio continued to write new material as they toured the United States.

Skillet recorded their follow-up album throughout 1997, entitled "Hey You, I Love Your Soul", which was released in April 1998. Their second effort was a change in style from the band's first release. With this release, Skillet would abandon their post-grunge approach for a lighter alternative rock that was more dependent on John's keyboarding. His wife Korey was enlisted soon after to play keyboards live in order to alleviate John's live performance duties.

==="Invincible", "Ardent Worship" and "Alien Youth" (2000-2002)===
Shortly before the band began recording for their third album, "Invincible", Steorts left the band to be with his family , and Kevin Haaland joined the band as their new guitarist. Korey Cooper joined the band permanently and played keyboards for the recording of "Invincible". Because of this change, the musical style on "Invincible" changed to a more electronic sound. Soon after the release of "Invincible" in early 2000, Trey McClurkin parted ways with Skillet, and Lori Peters filled the drummer's position. "Invincible" would be Skillet's best selling record thus far.

The band released their first worship album, and fourth album overall, "Ardent Worship" in fall of 2000. The band continued to use a sound similar to that on "Invincible" with their next album, "Alien Youth".

Skillet participated in the Winter Jam 2008 tour.

Skillet headlined their own "Comatose" Tour alongside Thousand Foot Krutch, and traveled to approximately 30 cities. The tour started on March 28th and ran through May 11th, 2008 - .

Skillet frequents the Christian music festival entitled "Soulfest" where many other Christian artists play alongside them, and played at the 2008 World Pulse Fest in South Bend, IN with stated intentions to return.

"Panheads" is a nickname given to fans of Skillet, since they are named after a pan. On the 2007-2008 WinterJam Tour, Skillet was quoted saying, "So you're probably wondering where the name comes from. We were named after a frying pan. No,'s the real story...we...were...named...after a frying pan." Former guitarist Ken Steorts once said, "There are three levels in 'Skillethood': those who don't know, those who become 'Skilletfanz' through hearing our music, and then 'Panheads' - those who come to three or four shows traveling up to 10 hours, bringing skillets, banners, writing on their cars, and so forth. Of course, we love them all, but we have a special place in our hearts for 'Panheads'."

==Band members==
===Current members===
*John Cooper - lead vocals, bass (1996-present)
*Korey Cooper - guitar, keyboard, backing vocals (1999-present)
*Ben Kasica - guitar (2001-present)
*Jen Ledger - drums (2008-present)

===Former members===
*Ken Steorts - guitar (1996 - 1999, founder of Visible School in Memphis, TN, a music and worship arts college)
*Trey McClurkin - drums (1996 - 2000)
*Kevin Haaland - guitar (1999 - 2001)
*Faith Stern - keyboards, backing vocals (2002 - 2003, live shows only)
*Chris Marvin - guitar, backing vocals (2002 - 2003, 2005 - 2006, live shows only)
*Drea Winchell - keyboard (2005 - 2006, live shows only)
*Lori Peters - drums (2000 - 2008)



* "Skillet" (1996)
* "Hey You, I Love Your Soul" (1998)
* "Invincible" (2000)
* "Ardent Worship" (2000)
* "Alien Youth" (2001)
* "Collide" (2003)
* "Comatose" (2006)
* "Untitled 8th studio album" (2009)


===Billboard-charting singles===

Skillet appeared on Mobile Home Disaster.

====Grammy Nominations====
Skillet has received two Grammy nominations:

*"Best Rock Gospel Album" in 2005 ("Collide")
*"Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album" in 2007 ("Comatose"). name="2007 grammy nomination" />
====GMA Dove Award wins====
"Rock Recorded Song of the Year" for "Comatose" at the 39th Annual GMA Dove Awards on April 23rd 2008.

==References in media==
*The song "A Little More" can be added to the Christian video game "Dance Praise" via the "Dance Praise Expansion Pack Volume 3: Pop & Rock Hits".
*The song "You Are My Hope" appeared in the episode "Back to the Garden" on the TV show Joan of Arcadia. It was also heard on "America's Next Top Model".
*The song "Best Kept Secret" and "Invincible" appeared in the movie "Carmen: The Champion".
*The song "Best Kept Secret" is used as the theme for the New Jersey-based Christian teen show, "Real Faith TV".
*The song "Come on to the Future" was featured on the soundtrack for the movie "Extreme Days".

Referenced from Wikipedia: Skillet (band)
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