Impending Doom (on tour)

Impending Doom (on tour)

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Impending Doom
Artist: Impending Doom  
Genre: Christian
Next Show On: Saturday May, 13, 2017
Schedule: 1 upcoming shows; 429 past shows
Recent Albums:
  • Death Will Reign
  • Baptized In Filth
  • For the Wicked
  • There Will Be Violence
  • The Serpent Servant
Artist Bio
"Impending Doom" is a five-piece Christian death metal band from the Riverside/Corona area of California.

Brook Reeves and Manny Contreras started the band in 2005 with ex members Chris Forno, Isaac Bueno, and Jon. After releasing the "The Sin and Doom of Godless Men" EP, Greg Pewthers joined on third guitar. Later, Jon left the band and David Sittig was added to the line-up. Andy Hegg later took the place of Bueno and the band recorded the album "Nailed. Dead. Risen.". Forno quit the band in 2007, and the band has since used two guitarists. Due to Andy Hegg's dedication to his soccer scholarship, Impending Doom has had to use fill-in drummers on their tours. Since then touring drummer Chad Blackwell became the official drummer for the band, and with that the band also split ways with Greg Pewthers on good terms and have added Cory Johnson to the line-up.

The group signed to Facedown Records in January 2007, and their debut release for the label, Nailed. Dead. Risen., reached #46 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. The record has received generally positive reviews. The group embarked on a tour of the United States to support the album in fall 2007, including dates with Dead to Fall, Winds of Plague and Belay My Last.

The band refers to its style of Christian metal as "Gorship" - a portmanteau of gore and worship. The band also clarify on their Myspace blog that "Gorship" is their way of worshipping God through their gore sounding music; not worshipping "gore" as some are led to believe. According to the band's Myspace page, they are currently writing a new album. They are also currently on the Bang Your Head Til We Raise The Dead tour.

Impending Doom is known for playing a brutal and aggressive style not commonly associated with Christian rock, while the band's lyrics proclaim its beliefs. Blast beats, downtuned instrumentals, and death growls are common elements of Impending Doom songs. Though the band describes itself as death metal, its use of breakdowns, tremolo picking, and inhaled vocals has led some to consider Impending Doom deathcore. Prior to "Nailed. Dead. Risen.", the band's music style was more comparable to goregrind. Impending Doom's audience is often interested in deathcore/metalcore product, and the band often tours with bands of said styles, such as Winds of Plague.

;Current members
* Brook Reeves - Vocals
* Manny Contreras - Guitar
* Cory Johnson- Guitar
* David Sittig - Bass
* Chad Blackwell - Drums

;Past members
* Greg Pewthers- Guitar
* Chris Forno - Guitar
* Isaac Bueno - Drums (current drummer for Underneath The Gun, briefly played drums for xDEATHSTARx)
* Jon - Bass
* Rodney - Drums (touring drummer, seen in Silence The Oppressors music video)
* Andy Hegg - Drums (played on Nailed. Dead. Risen.)

*"The Sin and Doom of Godless Men" EP - 2005
*"Nailed. Dead. Risen." - 2007 #46 Billboard Top Heatseekers

===Compilation contributions===
*"Grinding Spiritual Death" - 2006 (contributed "Condemned" as lead-off track)
*"Facedown Sampler" - Fall 2007 ("Nailed.Dead.Risen.")

Referenced from Wikipedia: Impending Doom
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